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A.C.E is a versatile Hip-Hop recording artist from Cape Town, South Africa but originally born in Zimbabwe.

having built a reputation for himself in the trap music scene, he uses his passion for lyricism to bridge the gap between trap and boom bap.

A.C.E has been known to utilize various flows and has even proven himself capable of keeping up with the pace of drum and base genre.

No stranger to performing live, A.C.E has performed throughout Cape Town since 2014 and allowed him to build relationships with artists and fans alike. He has headlined the annual Francofesty Music Festival held in Cape Town on 3 occasions and had the privilege of performing at The African Hip Hop Indaba during the course of his career.

A.C.E's sound has taken many turns over the years and that has contributed to bis versatility.He strives for perfection and maintains an attitude of "anything you do, i can do better"  

Eating (Prod. by White Noise)

Hustle Swag Ft FiXion(Directed by HoneyBae)

Hoes (Prod. by Kakez Tom)

Real Raps (Prod. by STS On The Beat)

Rescue Flares (Prod. by Alph4)

Paid (Prod. by STS On The Beat)

American Horror Story (Prod. by Alph4)

Breaking Bank EP (Prod. by Alph4)(2016)